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New version of TNE

12 October 2020

TNE version 3.7 was released in the middle of September and now TNE is also available as a cloud service. Further in this version we have enhanced support for the management of digital asset (AIM) information, among others, and syncing data in local database environments.

The TNE product now has a powerful and enhanced support for import and management of objects (events) in an infrastructure facility which enables an efficient management of digital asset (AIM) information.

Additionally we have implemented enhanced functionality and improved performance in our interface (API). We have also improved the options for flexible configuration and scheduling of different types of processing.

Functionality to exchange data between organizations with the support of OpenTNF has been improved. The solution will be used to achieve a more efficient data exchange between Lantmäteriet, (The Swedish National Land Survey) and Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) in Sweden.

Finally TNE is now cloud enabled, which means our customers do not need to manage their own local TNE production environment. In relation to this we have also made improvements to our service for syncing and updating to local database environments. Customers can combine using of TNE as a cloud service together with locally deployed in-house solutions. This enables an increased use of TNE in municipalities and the implementation of so called “edge computing”.

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