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TimberPro in production at Ingarp Träskydd

3 August 2020

Ingarp Träskydd based outside Eksjö is now fully up and running with TimberPro from Triona

Ingarp Träskydd, a timber company based outside Eksjö focusing on wood products treatment such as impregnation, painting, and surface treatment, is now underway with their new TimberPro business system from Triona.

After an implementation project which was started last autumn the system was put into operation in May. TimberPro supports Ingarp Träskydd’s work with incoming deliveries, the impregnation process and surface treatments through to dispatch. The system can exchange package information with customers’ systems so manual work is minimized.

During the spring Ingarp Träskydd was busy with a high demand for their products but the implementation went smoothly and TimberPro managed the large volumes of data flowing through the system.

Linda Käller from Ingarp Träskydd who has worked extensively with the implementation and now works actively with the system contacted us recently and said, “It’s running very smoothly here and we think that TimberPro works really well!”

Package handling with scanners works perfectly said Ulrik Lindgren, CEO at Ingarp Träskydd  - “we would never have managed the large volumes we had during the Spring with our old system!”

With TimberPro Ingarp Träskydd get a modern business system which can scale as they gradually digitalize more parts of their business.

Ingarp Träskydd treat ca 70,000 m3 of wood products per year.  Their strength being that they work with several impregnation methods in order to meet all needs. All methods are quality and environmentally certified and meet the highest standards.

TimberPro is supplied by the Finnish company PiiMega OY, which Triona entered a partnership with in 2017. TimberPro is used today by around 50 sawmills and other timber processing companies in Sweden, Finland, the Baltics, and Russia. Triona’s offering to the Swedish timber industry is a Swedish version of the system including installation assistance and support. The system is feature rich and has functionality for among other things optimization and profitability calculations based on continuously updated data from the individual businesses’ production, sales, and delivery processes. TimberPro is module based and is suitable for both small enterprises and large corporates with many business units.

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