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Owner increases holding in Triona’s shares

21 January 2020

Triona is privately owned and several of its employees are part-owners. Triona has an increasing proportion of external ownership (not actively employed in the group). Towards the end of 2019 the former Chairman of the Board Nils Robert Persson increased his holding by 3.9% to a total of 6.6% of the shares. The 220,000 shares were acquired in two rounds at a price of 30 SEK respective 32 SEK per share.

Triona’s shares are normally traded on Lista but this transaction took place independently of

“Nils Robert knows Triona well from his time on the board. That he now increases his share confirms our positive development, where our product activities among others have provided a sound basis for continued growth and long-term profitability.“ Mats Bayard, CEO Triona

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