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C-Load version 1.38 released

26 October 2020

A new version of C-Load (1.38.0) was released on 10th September. The focus in this release has been the continued modernization of the C-Load service, both architecturally and through a total redesign of the procurement list with new web technology, making the functionality more user-friendly and transparent

The main feature in this release is the procurement list including the ranking interface and overview. The procurement list is where clients monitor their ongoing procurements as well as price ranking, quality ranking, creating new procurement periods, creating agreements, and exporting prices to Excel.  The ranking interface is where clients can view offered prices from all suppliers, prices from previous agreement periods, how current prices are currently ranked and which ranking method was used, in many cases done automatically. In addition there are options to manually adjust rankings based on the automatic ranking. This has been available since C-Load’s launch in 2012 but with new web technology the functionality is more user-friendly (drag-and-drop) and transparent. When the new features were developed several requests from existing clients were considered so this functionality is not only more user-friendly and transparent but also of direct benefit for our clients.

Procurements in C-Load create agreements with ranking lists for each route and cargo type – thus forming the basis for unique automation when creating and booking loads. The ranking lists can be checked and if necessary can always be adjusted by the client before the agreements are created. Before creating agreements the client can get suggestions for ranking based on system quality points, where price and quality are weighted equally. Quality factors consist partly of measured quality where data from suppliers’ completed transports form the basis and business quality factors where other factors like sustainability etc. are scored and form the basis for the suggested ranking.

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