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Emissions report 2019 complete

19 October 2020

Triona produced an emissions report according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol standard in autumn last year and the 2019 emissions report is now complete.

Emissions reporting helps us gain control over our own emissions and gives us the possibility to put measures in place where they give the most benefit as well as valuable experience of emissions reporting and the GHG protocol. Since last year we have worked in parallel to increase the reliability of data and reduce our carbon footprint within those areas identified as most important.  

The reason that Triona has chosen to report on emissions according to the GHG protocol is that we see it as our responsibility to have control over the emissions we ourselves create, directly or indirectly. As an IT supplier we also have an important role to help our customers reduce their emissions, where the solutions we supply are key tools. Work to produce our own emissions reporting gives us valuable knowledge which we take with us in our work with products and solutions for our customers.

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