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Triona releases TRACS Flow version 2.11

20 April 2020

A new version of TRACS flow was launched as planned at the end of February. New versions are planned for May and September 2020.

The new version (2.11) includes a number of improvements and rectifications in the desktop client, mobile solution, and the web portal. The most important feature in this release is that we have improved support for grouping orders in routes. On a high level this is functionality for:

  • Planning and creating routes
  • Manual and automatic linking of orders to routes
  • Adjustment of route sequencing (sequence order)
  • Calculation of journey times and distance (laden, unladen, and total)
  • Route display on map
  • Submission and revocation of entire routes

Another important feature is the rules sharing functionality which enables order headers/order rows to be created upon acknowledgement. The functionality is similar to child rows where an order row can automatically create another order row on an existing order. The rules sharing on the other hand always create a new order header with one order row per sharing rule. Several sharing rules can be set up so multiple orders can be created.

For the finance module which was launched in version 2.9 several major features have been added. Most importantly:

  • Option to add invoice cut-off date for customer invoices
  • Option to add VAT codes in several registers such as customer, supplier, article.
  • Option to take into account VAT code in the regulations for accounting records
  • Increase the number of registers which are available for posting rules
  • New field for self-billing - fixed deduction date
  • Option to view fixed deductions via the drop-down menu in the query program
  • Cannot delete in-use invoice cutoffs
  • Added currency code to fixed deductions.

In the mobile solution we have added functionality to manage which order statuses can be edited as well as notifications to verify that an order has been closed. In addition it is now possible to add document/images directly from the document view.

In the web portal the areas used by suppliers and haulers have been expanded so that users can edit resources in the order list and open documents related to self-billing and deductions in the self-billing tab. This is an example of functionality which was added as a direct result of the development of the finance module and the increased options it gives in relation to the information exchange with suppliers.

Overall the rate of development for the product has been high and will continue at the same rate during 2020 where the major focus will be further logistic support in the form of shared transport routes, package management, vacuum truck assignments and a more complete support for BEAst.

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