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Harvester Data Calculation Service ready for piloting

23 November 2020

In the spring, we announced that Triona will deliver the Harvester Data Calculation Service to the Finnish Forest Centre Suomen Metsäkeskus. Now the calculation service is completed and ready to receive harvester information from forest companies.

The harvester data calculation service, Kaato, processes point data originally from the harvesters into forest compartments. Compartment data will later be utilized in the Finnish Forest Centre's upcoming forest resource system in the process of updating forest resource data. Triona developed a scalable solution for Finnish Forest Centre, to which wood procurement organizations send information for efficient processing.

The Finnish Forest Centre collects and shares information on Finnish forests and enforces compliance with forest legislation. Harvester data is important not only in producing accurate information from actualized loggings to the national forest resource data managed by the Finnish Forest Centre, but also in updating the data contained in the forestry companies' own information systems. Forestry companies may retrieve the data generated by the calculation service – from the harvester data they sent – for their own use via an interface service.

The Finnish Forest Centre aims to make significant use of the harvest implementation data generated from harvester data in the maintenance of the public forest resource database. The harvester data calculation service enables the entire industry to participate in updating common forest resource data.

"The adaptation of the complex algorithms developed for the harvester data calculation service into a functioning Kaato information service was a great success," evaluates Heikki Eronen, Application Manager of the service at the Finnish Forest Centre

Finnish Forest Centre has created their own agile development operating model, SMK-SAFe, for application and service development, which is a version of the SAFe® reference framework tailored to the Finnish Forest Centre’s environment. The harvester data calculation service was developed using this operating model in close co-operation between Triona and the Finnish Forest Centre and was completed on schedule.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of the delivery," says Tapani Hämäläinen, Director for Development at the Finnish Forest Centre.

The solution developed by Triona is a modern Microsoft Azure cloud-based service that scales flexibly according to the situation. The data is received in a format based on a standard, which is being standardized by the Finnish Forest Centre. The standard is partially based on the StanForD2010 standard. The Finnish Forest Centre requested specifically the solution as a cloud service, because of scalability requirements of the service in peaks of use. The service is now going to piloting with forestry companies and the further development phase.