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Frame agreement with Svevia

24 February 2020

As a result of their investment in digitalization Svevia have signed a frame agreement with Triona for products which will streamline their work with operations and maintenance of the norwegian road network. The goal is to win new operational contracts in Norway.

The first round of the frame agreement with Svevia includes Triona’s products Vegviseren, SINUS Infra, 360º vägbilder incl. SINUS photo, and Triona Roadwork Assistant (Arbeidsvarsling-Loggbok).


Triona’s Vegviseren is designed for those who work on or along roads. Vegviseren shows users a continuous position using road references, road names and coordinates. Photos can be taken which are connected to the road network in such a way that the data can be easily utilized and processed.


Svevia need to register data in the Norwegian national road database (NVDB) which the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for. This can mean data concerning signs, drainage, barriers etc. SINUS Infra is connected directly to the NVDB portal’s data capture. With SINUS Infra time is saved on post processing work. When you are finished with your work out on the roads the job is done.

360º vägbilder incl. SINUS Photo

There are great benefits from photographing the road network. To be able to view the road from the office saves many journeys which otherwise would be needed to check out the state of and repairs on the road. If you are a contractor, having good documentation about the road network at the start of an operational contract means you avoid ambiguities and any differences of opinions when the contract ends.

Triona Roadwork Assistant (Arbeidsvarsling-Loggbok)

Triona Roadwork Assistant plays an important role, namely the documentation of installations, controls, and dismantling of equipment in connection with roadworks. As a contractor you will save a lot of time by automatically registering this (time and place) on a mobile or tablet instead of doing it manually on paper.