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Triona delivers signal managment system to Svingen control station

2 November 2020

Triona and Euroskilt have jointly developed a smart control station in Svingen which has now been delivered to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). The control station is used to check vehicles with respect to traffic safety and conditions which can affect competition in the transport sector. Examples are vehicle overloading, driver’s hours infringements or driving with vehicle defects.

The control station in Svingen can be configured to meet different requirements for the number and type of signs. The control system is module based and can be easily expanded for more advanced situations with sensors, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and integrations with other systems for example fetching vehicle registration data.


Image 1 - Svingen kontrollstation

Svingen is the second smart control station in Norway delivered by Euroskilt and Triona. Nine signs have been delivered which alert drivers to controls and reduce speed in the control area. The control area has two entrances and two different controls can be carried out at the same time. For example it is possible to have a large vehicle control with buses and trucks in one direction and all other vehicles in another.

A touch screen is installed in the control room, where you can start and stop the different controls. From the control room the entire control area with all available signs is displayed on a map. When a control in one direction starts, the screen displays images of the different signs. In this way you can easily see which direction has started and if the signs are faulty.

Euroskilt and Triona have also delivered a smart control station to Åsane in Bergen. This control area has automatic control using ANPR and integration with the Norwegian vehicle register for fetching vehicle data.