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Triona releases TNE version 3.6

14 April 2020

TNE version was released at the beginning of March. New features in this version are extended and enhanced support for the management of digital asset (AIM) information, among others. This allows for new and exciting options for the effective management of digital twins at our customers such as Nye Veier.

TNE now has built-in support for geometric matching and the management of spatial attributes for import and management of objects (events) information in an infrastructure facility, i.e. safety barriers and culverts. Status and form for digital asset objects can now be described with so-called MultiGeometry.

The application for segmenting management has been upgraded with a new and more efficient user interface and an improved and simplified server integration. New editing functions in the product’s interface (API) open up new possibilities for system integrations and application development.

Driven by the increased use of TNE like New data storage for measurement data at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration we have also made some performance optimizations when importing to databases. We have also introduced many smaller improvements and addons such as the possibility to name jobs and increased support for OpenTNF-Rich.

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