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New solution for Sveaskog’s forest machines

2 March 2020

Nineteen years old, well-functioning, stable, fast, and popular sums up Sveaskog’s current GIS solution for forest machines (PStyr). However, to realize both new ways of working and improvements from next generation systems PStyr needs to be replaced.

The PStyr system supports Sveaskog’s harvester and forwarder machine operators in their work with timber felling and transportation. Machine operators get felling directions including map files which are visualized in the system. The directions show where the felling will take place and displays information about cultural and other nature values. Triona has helped Sveaskog for many years with maintaining PStyr.

During autumn 2019 Sveaskog carried out a pre-study to analyze needs and requirements for a new system and which alternatives were available in the market. Sveaskog wanted to continue to have a fast, stable, well-functioning system like today but wanted to also meet the requirements imposed by new ways of working and their other business systems. The choice of supplier was Triona.

At the end of December the project started with Sveaskog and Triona jointly manning the project. Triona has roles such as development lead, architect, requirements analyst, developer, and test manager. Triona’s expertise in GIS will be of benefit for a system where maps are a central component in the machine operator’s daily work.  By using new technology we are able to help Sveaskog reach their goals concerning increased efficiency and improved data quality and we think this is both fun and rewarding.

We look forward to the challenge of creating a system with new modern technology and all the possibilities that brings, together with the goal that the new system is as popular as the old system in terms of functionality, responsiveness, and stability.

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