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Söderhamns LBC selects Triona’s TRACS Flow

24 August 2020

Söderhamns LBC selects TRACS Flow for their next order management system.

Söderhamns LBC will implement TRACS Flow in order to digitalize currently manual operations. The present-day management of consignment notes will be replaced by a digital process resulting in easier completion reporting of assignments and a reduction in the lead time for invoicing.

Söderhamns LBC will also use the mobile application which supports work out in the field.

Söderhamns LBC has been one of Triona’s customers for many years using our Cockpit product which is now being phased out.

“We are proud that Söderhamns LBC feel confident with us as their supplier and have chosen our TRACS Flow product for their new order management system.” said Thomas Højsgaard, business manager for TRACS Flow at Triona.

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