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Triona strengthens Sokigo’s traffic and road solutions

15 April 2020

Sokigo and Triona signed a cooperation agreement on 14th April 2020 with the aim of offering Sweden’s municipalities solutions for the traffic and road sector based on leading-edge technology. Triona’s platform TNE, which supports many different types of applications and operations which use or manage information about the transport network, will as a result be part of Sokigo’s product LV. The aim of the partnership is to be able to offer the Swedish municipal market the best solutions in the traffic and road sector.

Sokigo currently has the majority of Swedish municipalities as customers and Triona is a leading and reliable supplier of innovative IT solutions within logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations.

By combining Triona’s products and expertise in for instance the NVDB with Sokigo’s operational solutions, all the focus can be directed towards creating the maximum benefits for Sweden’s municipalities. In the long term both companies look forward to being able to offer all their customers additional solutions from their respective product portfolios.

“We at Sokigo look forward to being able to present completely new solutions in traffic and street during 2020”, said Anders Sundin CEO at Sokigo.

“It feels really good to be able to share expertise, products, and new applications which directly contribute to digitalization and a more sustainable Sweden”, said Mats Bayard CEO at Triona.

Sokigo delivers solutions and services for municipal and private actors based on their proprietary software complemented with operational services. By making the most of the synergies between our municipal and private offerings we can offer unique competence and modern solutions. Sokigo is part of the Addnode Group.

Triona is established in Finland, Norway, and Sweden, with a turnover of ca SEK 180 million and around 150 employees. Among our customers are ABB, Bane NOR, BDX, Clas Ohlson, Euroskilt, Mantum, MaserFrakt, Mesta, NCC, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Norrskog, SCA, Sveaskog,  the Swedish Transport Administration, and Transdev.

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