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C-Load version 1.36 released

25 May 2020

A new version of C-Load (1.36.0) was released in April 2020. In this release we continued to modernize the platform by implementing a new authentication solution which in turn lays the foundation for further development of the service.

Since its launch in 2012 C-Load has given transport buyers unique possibilities to choose and rank suppliers based on both quality and price. We have further developed this to include sustainability as an integral part of quality. In addition to the new authentication and ranking based on quality points, the release includes several new features for both clients, suppliers, and customers.

The new authentication means in short that all of the C-Load services (web, mobile, integration) share a common component for authentication; C-Load login. The change of solution opens up possibilities for the modernization of our web solution and in the long run for enhancements in the user interface which will make life easier for our users.

Sustainability is a prioritized area for both us at Triona and our customers. By making sustainability an integral part of quality points, together with many other measured and business quality factors, clients can make tactical selections and rankings based on an overall assessment of the supplier – price, measured quality, and business quality. Quality points are being continuously developed and in this release we have introduced the option to also weight client-specific business quality points.

Besides the above new features the release includes the following functionality:

  • Option for clients to add a packet specification to loads
    Since information is shared in C-Load between several actors in the supply chain we developed functionality to add a packet specification to loads. This enables clients in C-Load to share consignment information with both customers and goods terminals.
  • Option for clients to add additional consignee information
    Like the packet specification above additional information about the goods receiver can now be added to loads. This enables important delivery information to be given to C-Load suppliers.
  • Price import for suppliers also for railway and machine transport
    Suppliers can now also easily export/import prices via excel or based on earlier agreement periods in railway and machine transport procurements.
  • Separate ranking lists for railway load carriers
    Clients can now rank suppliers by separate load carriers.

More information on the releases can be found in the release notes on the C-Load service.