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Sundfrakt group launch TRACS Flow

4 May 2020

Sundfrakt have launched TRACS Flow. The Sundfrakt group, to which Sundfrakt AB belong, has used TRACS Flow as it’s central order management system from March 2020.

In Spring 2019 a frame agreement was signed with Allmänna Transport och LogistikAlliansen i Skandinavien AB (ATLAS group) for Triona’s TRACS Flow product, a user friendly and modern platform which enables the digitalization of order workflows, from contract/order processing, through operational implementation and monitoring. Just a year later the first implementation project has been successfully completed for the Sundfrakt group and the three companies requiring transport management, Sundfrakt AB, Åkerigrus AB and Alltank AB.

In the TRACS Flow implementation project integration with other systems was also included:

  • Briljant finance system
  • Viktoria 2, Flintabs weighing system
  • Lime CRM system (managed by Briljant)
  • Nora order system (used by Hotings Oljepå)

The deployment was carried out in a controlled way by having both the old order system and TRACS flow running in parallel during the rollout period. By doing this business after business could be trained and launched in a controlled way. When the rollout period was completed the old systems were phased out and all order management now takes place in TRACS Flow. By using TRACS Flow the Sundfrakt group can manage their business completely digitally and consequently manage their order placement, invoicing, and monitoring processes efficiently.

Triona has, together with Atea in Sundsvall, been a very good cooperation partner in the Sundfrakt group’s journey to develop and digitalize its business. We have pushed forward with the business transformation project with the aim of digitalizing the business by also looking at our processes and way of working so we can be more efficient. The TRACS Flow implementation is an important step in this journey and our view is that we are in a better position to meet market demands.&nbspMarkus Sundström, CEO Sundfrakt AB
Sundfrakt has planned and carried out this transformation in a very good way and has now reached a milestone. We have completed this journey together and the collaboration between us and other involved suppliers has worked well and smoothly. Mats Bayard, CEO Triona AB