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C-Load version 1.37 released

10 August 2020

A new version of C-Load (1.37.0) was deployed on 11th June. In this release we have continued our work with revamping the platform by modernizing the architecture and laying the foundation for a more modern web. Transparent information sharing between actors in the logistics chain has been enhanced by further development of the “Load Appendix” functionality implemented in 1.36.0. Besides architecture/web and “Load appendix” the release included several new features for clients, suppliers, customers, and terminals.

The development of C-Load’s basic architecture is a long-term project, the majority of which was already started during Spring 2019. The aim of the work is for the service to be able to scale rapidly and the new technology will enable us to develop leading-edge functionality in the future.

A central part of the C-Load concept has always been that all parties in the logistics chain can get up-to-date information about on-going transports. Therefore all parties must be able to share relevant information with each other.


The foundation was released in C-Load 1.36.0 by adding functionality to attach a “Load Appendix” (data object/structures) to a load. In this release the functionality has been made more user friendly. For example client specific layouts and exports (XLS and XML) have been added. The functionality is generic but in the first phase will be used for packet specifications and enhanced consignee information. Our C-Load clients believe this functionality will increase customer benefits.

SCA is one of our customers who started using “Load Appendix” as soon as it was released. For example the SCA companies who are clients in C-Load e.g. SCA Wood, SCA Energy, Gällö Timber, SCA Wood Hong Kong, SCA Wood UK have chosen to use this functionality to send package specifications and enhanced consignee information to C-Load.

SCA’s customers, where many already receive notifications and can track their shipments in C-Load, can now find out exactly what is being shipped in each load and thereby can better plan their own production. The option to export the package specification to XLS and XML format makes it possible for those that wish can utilize the data automatically for import into their own systems. The enhanced consignee information gives C-Load suppliers extra information about the goods receiver which makes their work easier and creates better conditions for increased quality through the complete delivery chain.

Apart from the above functionality the release contained the following new features:

  • Container flow, notifications for changed ETA
    Email notifications are now sent when “Estimated time of arrival” (ETA) is updated to ensure that customers/goods receivers are always kept up to date about changes.
  • Email notifications – multiple units
    Many clients have several “units” in their businesses involved in the flow of goods. Users can now subscribe for mail notifications for one or more units. It is also possible to filter on units in the invoice audit report.
  • Increased flexibility for publishing rules
    After feedback from our clients the waiting time for standard publishing rules can now be fine-tuned so the rules meet their business needs.

More information about our releases is available in the C-Load service.

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