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Västtrafik streamlines with TNE and TRE

16 June 2020

Västtrafik automates and simplifies its public transport planning process with Triona’s TNE and TRE products. Updated road data is automatically generated using TNE in such a way that the data can be adapted by TRE to calculate the distance between different stops (mileage calculation).

Västtrafik started a process which enables them to automate their data production for mileage calculation data using TNE. The process currently comprises many manual steps using different systems. When the solution is in place data from the Swedish national road database will be continuously updated while at the same time Västtrafik being able to manage their own networks in the same environment. This makes it easier and smoother to carry out mileage calculations i.e. calculating the distances between different stops, which is needed for route planning and calculation of payments to public transport operators at Västtrafik. Mileage calculations are made with the support of Triona’s TNE product (Transport Routing Engine).

We are pleased to be able to support Västtrafik in this business change, which can be directly connected to Triona’s mission “We create effective, sustainable, and secure flows of data, energy, goods and people”