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Triona releases new TRACS Flow version

17 December 2018

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched in November 2018 with the next version planned for May 2019.

In this latest version functionality has been added in the desktop client, mobile application, and web portal which will benefit transport managers, haulers, and suppliers alike.

  • New in the web portal is that suppliers can now register orders and among other things send the orders to their own vehicles.
  • In the mobile application documents which are linked to orders can be shown and an order summary is shown when signing. Additionally, users can get notifications in the app if news items are published in the web portal.
  • In the desktop client there is new functionality for saving agreement information on orders so that the information can be seen retroactively, equipment requests can be specified on the order, a client and project can be created at the same time a new order is generated, the user guide and release notes are accessible via the desktop client, and field helpers can now also be used on free fields.

TRACS Flow is a Traffic and Order Management system which supports business processes in the transport and construction sectors. Features include contract and order processing, operational planning, operational management, and monitoring. TRACS Flow has been designed for easy configuration allowing it to be tailored to each company’s individual needs and processes. TRACS Flow is packed with functionality. For example, dynamic pricing using different contract and pricing list types, resource status management, maps, resource and order tracking, issue management, rental management, container management, recurring orders etc.

TRACS Flow can be used by many different user groups. The office user group for example gives transport managers a powerful tool packed with functionality. They have an operational overview which simplifies their work. For users in the field such as truck drivers or machine operators there is a mobile application with direct access to the TRACS Flow system, office, and other users. Customers and suppliers have access to the system and user targeted information via the web client.

Read more about TRACS Flow and our other products which support contractors and logistic/transport companies and their operations.


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