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Triona Distance Calculation Service launched in Finland

6 December 2018

The coverage area for the Triona distance calculation service now includes Finland. This has been made possible by the inclusion of data from DigiRoad in Finland, which comprises the complete Finnish road network and its restrictions for heavy goods traffic amd us making it available for route calculation in the distance calculation service.  Now you can seamlessly calculate routes and distances for your vehicle (with height, weight, and length parameters) in the Norway-Sweden-Finland area.

The quality of the data we publish in the distance calculation service is extremely important to us. This has meant that we have kept an eye on the development of the DigiRoad database in Finland. In connection with the launch we have also updated the related Geocoding service with Finnish addresses. As a consequence, the Finnish data, both for routing and Geocoding, is now directly accessible for all distance calculation service customers.