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New mobile solution for Ragn-Sells

10 September 2018

Triona has developed and maintained the current Ragn-Sells mobile order application (MOA) since 2012. Now we have been entrusted to start work on the next generation MOA and simultaneously develop better support for Ragn-Sells’ haulage contractors.

Triona developed Ragn-Sells’ current mobile order application MOA back in 2012 and since then, in close cooperation with Ragn-Sells, it has been further developed to today being a very reliable, valued, and extensive systems support used by ca 800 vehicles/drivers.

The new solution consists of an app and a web portal. The development will be carried out in several stages and will eventually replace the current MOA. Initially the Ragn-Sells operations around service contracts and container management will get extended support thanks to the benefits of the new app. The platform agnostic solution makes it possible to use different hardware with different devices depending on the type of operations. The chosen technology also streamlines the distribution and maintenance of the app and makes it very easy for new users to get started. Last but not least it is important for Ragn-Sells’ haulage contractors. Haulage contractors will also be able to plan the transport for their orders directly in the new portal and by getting increased system support which is integrated with Ragn-Sells they are certain of access to quality-assured and updated order information. This in turn will increase customer satisfaction.

Overall Ragn-Sells will get a future proof solution with increased support for several operations and a simplified system administration.