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Triona makes presentation at Q3 dagen

15 November 2018

Q3 dagen was held in Gothenburg on 15th November. Triona participated with Mats Bayard making a presentation on digitalization trends in the logistic and transport sectors.

“Digitalization leads to efficiencies and increased safety. But, in the long run sustainability effects are probably the most important. Hence it feels both exciting and correct to be able to share our experiences. We want to contribute to organizations taking the initiative such as via digitalization to lead to a more sustainable society” Mats Bayard, CEO and president at Triona.

Triona strives to offer our customers solutions which minimize climate and environmental effects. Together with our customers we want to develop future climate smart solutions within transport and logistics and thus take an active part in the creation of a sustainable society.

Q3 is an association which works for environmental and sustainable road transportation. Together with our members we ensure the transport industry’s place in the future labor market where both driver’s and companies’ needs are meet, at the same time as we safeguard the environment. Q3 wants to make a difference on our roads, for every parcel, for every kilometer.

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