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New version of Lasset released

13 November 2018

Lasset, Triona’s cloud service for procurement and load booking, was upgraded in October. The most important news concerns further information sharing between client, supplier, terminals, and ultimately the customer for the container bookings.

As Lasset is built on transparent information sharing we have added a new actor role Terminal which will give access to load information for container transport. The Terminal actor in Lasset will be able to see information about assignments (loads) where they will carry out assignments as well as getting an overview of incoming transport. To make this information sharing possible, functionality has been added to create relationships between loads, both in the user interface (UI) and the API.

For instance, vehicle transport from the client storage to a terminal (transport is carried out by another supplier) can be associated with a container/sea transport and pertinent information about the transport can then be shared not only with terminals, but even with forwarding agents.

The upgrade also contains several enhancements to the service:

  • Enhanced information in the ranking lists – to enable the retrieval of documentation with further information about negotiated contracts.
  • Changes in the calls to Triona’s distance calculation service – to streamline the preparation of correct distances for ordered transport. Lasset has an existing connection to Triona’s distance calculation service providing distance and journey times for heavy goods vehicles.
  • Simplifications and additions to streamline the work for our operators in Lasset.

In addition to the directly visible improvements, functionality has been added in Triona’s internal support administration to help our support team assist our customers in the best way.

Lasset is a cloud-based service which links clients, suppliers, and other operators in the supply chain and supports among other things processes for procurement and transport order placements for road, rail, container, and machine transport. The service is built on contractual relationships between partners and information sharing between involved parties. Lasset is updated with new functionality around four times a year. The next update is planned for December 2018.

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