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Ernsts Express selects TRACS Flow

27 March 2018

Ernsts Express has chosen Triona’s product TRACS to help in the digitalization of its operations.

During Spring 2018 Ernsts Express will deploy Triona’s product TRACS Flow as its transport system for selected operations. There is a great need to streamline the implementation of transport assignments by digitizing the flow of information. Through digital management, TRACS Flow and its mobile solution will reduce the manual work with transport management. There are many benefits but Ernsts Express are primarily aiming to reduce lead times from assignment orders through invoicing as well as reducing the need for post registrations and error corrections. Another important goal is that the driver’ will have an easier workload without having to keep track of loose papers.

By taking this step Ernsts Express will create conditions for streamlining other parts of the business. For instance, Ernsts Express together with Triona will use TRACS Flow to develop support for environmental impact statements, which in the long run will contribute to creating a sustainable society.

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