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Successful delivery to Clas Ohlson

16 August 2018

Within the framework of its programme sCORE (Systems for Clas Ohlson Retail Efficiency) Clas Ohlson has released Triona’s transport data platform (TDP) into production.

Triona has been responsible for the development of a transport data platform (TDP) since 2016. TDP links the business system with stores, suppliers, warehousing systems, transport administration systems, and logistics operators, within the framework of the IT and business programme sCORE (Systems for Clas Ohlson Retail Efficiency).
TDP has been developed in sCORE’s sub-project HQ which in itself is one of the largest IT and business change projects that Clas Ohlson has carried out. Apart from TDP, HQ also includes increased use of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a new warehouse management system, a new transport administrative system as a well as a number of changes in other existing systems and processes.

TDP was deployed to production on 14th May 2018 and then rolled out to the business during a 6-week period. Now all systems and processes which manage transport to stores and inbound deliveries are in full production and Triona continues to have a role in the maintenance and further development of TDP.

We are incredibly pleased about the successful deployment and rollout of HQ.” said Åsa Hamberg, program manager in the sCORE program. “Because TDP is a central and integrated part of the HQ delivery good cooperation between Clas Ohlson and Triona has been the key to the success of the whole HQ project. We are very pleased with the delivery from Triona and the cooperation with all the skilled people at Triona.

Triona is pleased and proud about the possibility to be a supplier to Clas Ohlson and look confidently forward to developing the business relationship.