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Triona acquires Safe Control Infra AS

31 January 2018

Triona announced the takeover of Safe Control Infra AS and its SINUS.Infra and Veibilder 360° products. The products are used today in the registration and maintenance of infrastructure related data. Included in the takeover are production activities dealing with the collection and processing of road images. The acquisition is in line with Triona’s strategy to offer innovative IT solutions for logistic- and infrastructure-related operations.

”Through Triona’s takeover of Safe Control Infra, we will get a very good owner and broad and relevant competence to support us. This will assure the development of our products and services and strengthen our ability to be the preferred supplier for solutions using infrastructure-related data and 360° road images. The business at Brokelandsheia in Gjerstad will continue and be strengthened. The takeover will have a hugely positive significance for us and our customers.” said Odd Harald Kile/Odd Øygarden.

SINUS.Infra and Veibilder 360°are innovative products which today are used by many Norwegian local authorities who need to register and report data to the Norwegian so-called National Road Database (NVDB) at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Vegvesen). In the future we will see that other customer segments (e.g. railways) both in Norway and other countries can benefit from these products. The products are based on modern technology, are 100% web based, and can be used on platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Veibilder 360°

Veibilder 360° (roughly translated to road imaging) is a product for collecting infrastructure related data in a cost-saving, efficient, and safe way. The road network is photographed by a camera tower mounted on a vehicle. The camera tower has 6 cameras, which take photos every five meters and is controlled by an accurate GPS system.

After the photographing is complete, all the images are processed on a dedicated server and the finished product is geo-referenced 360° panorama images. The images can then be used in SINUS.Infra for registration and delivery of data to, for instance, the Norwegian National Road Database.

SINUS.Infra for PC

This is a product which is delivered together with Veibilder 360° and is used to register infrastructure related data in a cost-saving, efficient, and safe way. Identification and transmission of the data is normally done in the office, and is based entirely on the analysis of the collected images.

The product has the following features:

  • Display of road images
  • Display of entered objects on a map
  • Functionality to retrieve road images of objects
  • Registration, editing and deletion of objects,
    with direct storage in, for example, the Norwegian NVDB
  • Registration module with functionality to browse road images
    in order to register objects
  • Module to send messages about fulfilled work tasks.
  • Display and management of issues and work tasks
    assigned to the user.
  • Registration of documented objects with reporting of images
    or files to, for example, the Norwegian national road database
  • Measurement taking (length and area) and calculate position
    based on images
  • Filtering functions for objects.



SINUS.Infra field tool

This system is used in the field and is optimized for tablets and mobile telephones. You can also use a normal PC. The system can be used by all who need to view, change or register new objects.

The product has the following features:

  • Automatic display of actual position on map
  • Select search radius for object
  • Search for related objects
  • Display all objects on the map
  • Register, edit and delete object, with direct save in
  • for example, the Norwegian national road database
  • Easy display of road images
  • Filtering functions for objects
  • Module to send messages about fulfilled work tasks
  • Display and management of issues and work tasks assigned to the user



”Road, railway, and seaway associated Infrastructure is a prioritized business segment for Triona. Today, we offer, for example, our TNE product (Transport Network Engine) which is an IT-system where the network topology and its associated data can be stored, changed, and managed. The solution we have today does not have built-in functionality for visualization and maintenance of the network and data but it has open interfaces so external systems can be used for this. With SINUS.Infra we can offer a registration client which can be integrated with TNE, and Triona can therefore consolidate its position as the leading niche supplier of innovative IT solutions for logistics- and infrastructure-related operations.” said Rune Wilhelm Dragsnes, CEO Triona AS.