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Triona to release new version of TRE

21 June 2018

A new major version of Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is ready for release. This version includes functionality to apply elevation data from external sources (topographic data) to road data which is missing elevation data, routing on expanded networks as well as the option to calculate routes across several data sources which are automatically consolidated over the borders. This gives better possibilities to find the best route for among other things heavy and long vehicles for cross border transportation.

The new version of TRE which is released this summer contains new functionality in the CarRouter, BikeRouter and TNE2Net modules.

In BikeRouter it is now possible to include elevation data from external sources (topographic data). By doing this Triona can now offer all the benefits of TRE’s internal energy model even to customers who operate with data sources which are missing elevation values in the road network (e.g. OpenStreetMap). For example, this entails the route calculation taking into account up-gradients when calculating routes for cyclists and pedestrians. This results in better routes and journey times when planning travel.

The new version of CarRouter includes the option to calculate routes across several datasets which are automatically consolidated. This streamlines the data production process considerably in those cases when working with different local datasets for different countries (e.g. NVDB Sweden and NVDB Norway). TRE now automatically integrates these and when updating, one or more of the source datasets can be exchanged without needing to make substantial processing steps in advance in order to consolidate the data.

By using an inbuilt model for expanded networks, customers who require it, can get a solution for special cases not previously handled by the search algorithm. One such case is where the best route passing a prohibited left turn would instead be to drive on to a roundabout or intersection, to then turn back and make a right turn.
In this new version the TNE2Net component as well as CarRouter can produce and calculate routes using the Finnish national road database (DigiRoad). Triona’s distance service which is based on TRE will be updated directly after the summer to also include Finnish road data meaning that seamless route calculations can be made between Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

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