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Triona opens office in Gothenburg

24 October 2018

Triona has set up operations in Gothenburg during October. The office is located in Lindholmen, in a cluster of organizations working with among other things the automotive industry, telematics, and ITS.

Triona currently has several customers and partners who have their base in Gothenburg and the surrounding area. The goal of the set-up in Gothenburg is to develop the Triona group’s business. This move will facilitate and strengthen cooperation with existing customers and find new customers.

Triona sees further possibilities to both contribute and acquire new valuable knowledge through cooperation with e.g. the automotive industry. Triona hopes this can contribute to the development of their existing products and offer ideas and provide momentum for new development, primarily related to telematics and ITS/C-ITS. The development of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles has accelerated. A reasonable approach is that there will be several different data sources required for these autonomous vehicles. Data from standard mounted vehicle cameras, positioning equipment, laser, radar and sensor technology will probably need to be matched in real-time against actual data about the roads and their surroundings (via e.g. C-ITS). Triona wants to be part of this development and together with others creating a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable world.

Our colleague Zsolt Lenkei is based in the Gothenburg office. You can also meet Triona’s CEO Mats Bayard on 15th November when he will be making a presentation at the “Q3-dagen” on digitalization trends in the logistic and transport sectors. Contact Zsolt or Mats if you see possibilities for collaboration or you want to be part of our team and join us on our journey.

You can find more information on the Gothenburg office here