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Batchelor thesis on GeoBlockchain

3 August 2018

What do companies, municipalities, and public authorities do to protect people from terrorist attacks where large vehicle-ramming is involved? Given the terrorist attacks in recent years this is something which is increasingly important to consider. In Spring 2018, Triona initiated a Batchelor thesis with Mittuniversitetet in Sweden where they studied how companies, municipalities, and public authorities can solve this problem, how much they know about Blockchain and Geo-fence, and if there is a need to improve the protection by implementing systems that combine Blockchain and Geo-fence to what we call GeoBlockchain.

In the thesis, interviews were conducted with truck manufacturers, transport companies, municipalities, public authorities, and IT companies to examine the current status regarding the protection of geographical information as well as protection against vehicles being used in a terrorist crime. The results suggest both an interest in and a need for a GeoBlockchain system to minimize the risk for this type of terrorist crime. The research also shows a general interest for Blockchain technology as well as a combination of Geo-fence and Blockchain.

The idea behind GeoBlockchain is to be able to enclose an area using a Geo-fence system and create an extremely high security storage system which guarantees that the information is unaltered and verified when it reaches the receiving vehicle.

Blockchain as a technology decentralizes the information and all transactions which are made in the system must be approved by most other devices in order to be allowed through. In a Blockchain system transactions can always be tracked and information cannot be deleted or changed in the system, instead a new transaction must be created.

Blockchain and GeoBlockchain is a very interesting concept for us at Triona and we believe that the technology can bring significant benefits for our and our customers’ systems. We will start a process now to see how we can include this type of secure management of information, both geographic and non-geographic, in our products and services.

Are you interested in learning more about this sort of technology, or how it can help you to better secure information in your system? Feel free to get in touch with one of our contact persons in the respective industry areas in the menu above.

Read the complete batchelor thesis here (in Swedish)