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Portal streamlines railway transportation

21 May 2018

From an environmental perspective the EU wants to promote railway traffic and to make this possible railway operators are required to provide information about their services. The current lack of available plant information for e.g. terminals, industrial railways, marshalling yards, makes the planning process for railway traffic services more difficult.

Triona, together with German HaCon and European transport organizations are members of a consortium which has been given the task of creating a GIS based portal so that operators can assist transport planning by publishing information about plant and services.

In an earlier EU project, Triona together with among others HaCon developed a portal for a pilot In this new project Triona will further develop the portal to a production version. The EU’s goal is that the portal will be first choice for operators looking for more information on plant.

The GIS portal will contain current information on all railway plant in Europe, according to the EU’s requirements. The project will also create processes and establish an organization with the goal of creating a long-term, independent, and self-sustaining GIS portal. Transport customers and other interested parties using the GIS portal can easily search for, analyze, and get access to the railway plant which matches their transport requirements.

The assignment is completely in line with Triona’s goal of being a leading supplier of innovative IT-solutions for logistics and infrastructure-related operations and contributing to the creation of efficient, sustainable, and safe flows of data, goods, and people.