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Anna Mårsell new CTO at Triona

20 November 2018

In the beginning of April Triona started the process to recruit a new CTO, a modern self-reliant leader to take responsibility for the development of the Triona group’s work tools and processes for system development. The result of that process is that Anna Mårsell was chosen to take on the role, something which we are very pleased about.

Anna will take up the position at the end of the first quarter 2019 where she will be instrumental in ensuring the Triona group is developed in a positive way.

During her 12 years at Triona Anna has had many roles within different development projects: developer, tester, requirements analyst, test lead, development lead, and architect. On several occasions she has been involved in the build-up of Triona’s existing capital structure within system development. Anna has also had a key role in the set-up of several of Triona’s products. Anna has a Master of Science in Engineering and a completed top-class sports program in orienteering.

“I have worked on a daily basis to create benefits for our customers through IT systems delivery. Now I look forward to making a greater contribution in creating benefits for our customers through the further development of Triona’s capital structure, our processes, methodologies, and tools.”

Triona’s current CTO, Anders Nilsson, will work increasingly with:

  • Delivery projects
  • Product ownership for TNE
  • Technical sales support

In the role of senior adviser, Anders will also work as mentor to younger employees and give support to the management/board.