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New TRACS Flow version

4 June 2018

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched in May with the next version planned for November 2018.

In this version the map functionality has been enhanced. There are now several choices when calculating routes (shortest, fastest, best). In addition, a faster and more flexible map management and better functionality for geofencing is included, so that it is now possible to save resources to several geofences simultaneously and monitor time within a specific geofence.

In addition, the following enhancements have been developed for TRACS Flow:

  • When using trailers users can apply the desired trailer type based on the resource’s defined standard trailer type. This simplifies operations for transport managers who now don’t need to know in advance exactly which trailer type to specify when placing the order and before the resource has been planned for the order.
  • On the order rows there is now the option to apply date and time stamps, and weight number giving more flexibility for orders with several activities.
  • Cargo handling, enables app users to report what load they are currently carrying. Among other things, loading and unloading time is registered. This is also visible in the resource list in the desktop client so that e.g. transport managers get a real-time overview of the resource’s loading status.
  • Option for aggregation of order rows and amounts in the app’s order details. This is to get a better overview if several rows have the same item, unit, and material location.
  • There is now a link in the app to the web portal which enables access and automatic login to Flow-web from a menu in the app.

There are also performance improvements in the system, specifically when making bulk updates and managing standing orders.

TRACS Flow facilitates business processes for actors within the transport and construction sectors. Among other things, the system supports order management, planning, contract/price management, operational management, and monitoring.

TRACS Flow can be used by many different user groups. For the office users group, for example a transport manager, the system offers a powerful tool and gives an operational overview which simplifies their work. For users in the field, for instance drivers, there is a TRACS Flow mobile client which communicates with the TRACS Flow system. For customers and suppliers, the TRACS Flow web client offers a good overview, many features, and access to targeted information.

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