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SDC Upgrade to TNE 3

29 January 2018

SDC has signed an agreement with Triona to upgrade to Transport Network Engine 3 (TNE 3). The upgrade will be done in phases during 2018. The benefits are shorter lead times, reduced costs, and increased quality in SDC’s work with the production of the dataset, which is the basis for among other things SDC’s “Krönt vägval” service.

The “skogliga nationella vägdatabasen (SNVDB) – Forestry National Road Database is managed by SDC. The database is a so-called master database where forestry data is combined with data fetched from the Swedish National Road Database (NVDB), managed by the Swedish Transport Administration (STA). Triona’s product Transport Network Engine (TNE™) is used to implement the SNVDB, which means the management of past, present, and future roads is supported. The data is used, for example, in distance calculations and in businesses which manage plant, operations, and maintenance in the forestry road network. Distance calculations are made with Triona’s product Triona Routing Engine (TRE). Several forestry companies in Sweden also use Triona’s product VFS (Road Administration System) for support in the complete road administration process, from planning and construction of new roads to the maintenance and refurbishment of existing roads.

The implementation of TNE 3 gives a faster and more automated data production. In addition, SDC can reduce the number of tools used in their current work process, enabling simpler and more effective operations. As TNE 3 is a newly developed product the SNVDB concept is future-proof.

SDC is an economic association with around fifty members. SDC is the information hub within the Swedish forest industry for production information, stock movements, and measuring for timber transport and biomass heating plants.

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