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Milestone reached at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

19 February 2018

The system delivery in the Swedish Transport Administration’s ANDA project was approved in December 2017. The project included the implementation of a new IT solution for the management of plant data for the Swedish road and railway networks. The approval means that an important milestone has been reached.

Within the ANDA framework Triona is responsible for the delivery of the transport network management solution. The solution was built with Triona’s product Transport Network Engine (TNE™) and Trimble’s product Novapoint DCM which handles the updating of the transport network. The initial delivery was made in Autumn 2016 and now that the remaining parts of ANDA are also delivered the Swedish Transport Administration can start the next phase of the project which includes among other things data migration. Coinciding with this phase the Swedish Transport Administration will deploy the system to production which means that they will get better overall control of their plant.