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New solution for road data editing at SDC

29 August 2018

Triona has received an assignment from SDC to develop a new solution for editing road data which is used among other things in SDC’s “Krönt vägval” service.

SDC provide a service to the forestry sector that calculates chargeable distances for roundwood transport, from logging through industry, the so-called “Krönta vägvalet”. To get as realistic data as possible in the “Krönta vägval” service SDC supplements the data from the national road database, which is supplied by the Swedish Transport Administration, with its own data. This can be for example to direct forestry transport to or from certain selected stretches of road. To enable effective management of their own data SDC has ordered a web-based solution from Triona, to be delivered at the end of October.

The new solution uses data and services from the “skogliga nationella vägdatabasen” (SNVDB) – Forestry National Road Database which is managed by SDC. The database is a so-called master database where the data is updated from the Swedish National Road Database (NVDB), which is managed by the Swedish Transport Administration (STA). The SNVDB implementation is based on Triona’s TNE and TRE products.