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New customers for SINUS

3 September 2018

Safe Control Infra AS was acquired by Triona earlier this year. The SINUS.Infra product family which is a good match for Triona’s product portfolio was included in the acquisition. Now the sale of SINUS products has increased.

An increasing number of local authorities and contractors use SINUS products. Sinus 360-images give our customers the possibility to view the roads from an office environment. With our own cars we take 360-images, and customers can virtually "drive" through the images with their pc or tablet. 360-images allow our customers to avoid many journeys out on the roads, giving both time and cost savings. Furthermore, the images give a very good record of road status at the time of photographing.

Apart from 360-images SINUS also contains features for data capture, both from the office and out in the field. Both the desktop and field clients deliver quality assured data directly to e.g. the National Road Database (NVDB) in Norway or Triona’s product Transport Network Engine (TNE), without time-consuming and costly intermediate steps. The mobile solution (field client) is customised for both tablets and smartphones and can be connected to all types of satellite systems.

In Norway, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have strict requirements for contractors in their agreements. This applies to both maintenance and other special agreements, e.g. road sign contracts. To fulfill these requirements many contractors have started using SINUS for the registration of data to the Norwegian NVDB.