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Norwegian Public Roads Administration upgrades to TNE 3

13 May 2018

Triona have signed a contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to upgrade to TNE version 3.

The NPRA currently uses TNE 2.7 for segmenting, processing, and distribution of data from the Norwegian national road database. When the NPRA upgrades to version 3 they will get a modern and scalable system. TNE 3 is currently used by many large operators who work with transport infrastructure (the Swedish Transport Administration, Bane NOR, and the Norwegian Coastal Administration) and the new functionality developed in this version will benefit each customer.

TNE will ensure that the NPRA can provide data to many internal business systems which support traffic management, traffic measurements, noise calculations, road surface monitoring, distribution of data to global navigation suppliers/providers such as Tomtom and Here, maintenance of road surfaces etc. Common for these systems is that they work with large amounts of data and need direct and fast access to different forms of road related data. By using TNE these systems get access to road networks, refined, and customized data in a secure, structured, and efficient way.

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