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Triona collaborates with RoadCloud on innovation project

1 November 2018

The Swedish Transport Administration’s multi-year pilot project will evaluate a more reliable and modern system for the measurement, delivery, and analysis of friction data. Increased digitalization and utilization of modern technology from multiple sources (vehicle) will increase reliability as well as enable continuous measurement of the entire road network.

Current measurement methods give limited geographical and time-related information. RoadCloud is one of three suppliers selected to participate in the evaluation where they will provide a cloud-based solution combined with accurate vehicle-installed measuring instruments.

The solution will give detailed real-time road information, which is expected to result in considerable cost savings for road maintenance, reduced environmental impact in the form of less salt consumption, and increased access to the road network

Triona sees huge possibilities with this technology and has therefore initiated a collaboration with RoadCloud. In the project with the Swedish Transport Administration Triona will contribute with domain expertise, training and in dialogues with vehicle owners and contractors responsible for road maintenance.