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Triona releases TNE version 3.3

25 June 2018

TNE version 3.3 is now released. Version 3.3 contains mainly new or improved functionality to streamline the supply of data from TNE; among other things a new module called TNE Replication. The module enables an updated (replicated) copy of a TNE database to be created. The copy can be a full copy, a subset, simplified or refined data in the TNE database. A possible area of application is for instance when displaying transport network data via a web-based map service (WMS) or data used to create reports and statistics.

In addition, the new version contains functionality for something Triona calls “sequential” jobs. Sequential jobs mean that the user can schedule operations which are executed in sequence depending on desired conditions. An example area of application is a sequence of simplified and refined processing of data fetched from another database, e.g. the national road database NVDB at the Swedish Transport Administration. The user configures and schedules sequential jobs via a graphical user interface (GUI).

The web-based programmable interface towards the system has also been substantially expanded. New in this version are among other things more options to make queries or update the transport network. These additions will help our customers and partners create customized solutions to be integrated with TNE.

In this version there is also extended support for the OpenTNF standard. Finally, in version 3.3 there is added functionality and an extended admin GUI for import and export of transport network data. Import can be used for e.g. to define a new TNE environment. Export can be used for instance when supplying data to a data consumer located in another location or network.

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