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Triona takes over bridge management system from Safe Control

3 October 2018

Following the acquisition of Safe Control Infra AS in Spring 2018 Triona has now also acquired Safe Control documentation system AS and its SINUS.bk product. SINUS.bk is a web application that fits well with Triona’s current product portfolio. The product is based on rules developed in a Nordic partnership, so there are therefore good possibilities to win new customers for this product in Sweden and Finland.

SINUS.bk is the leading management system for bridges, quays etc. and the system is primarily used by municipalities, seaports, forestry- and energy companies. As a result of the takeover the SINUS.bk system becomes part of a larger and more robust organisation. SINUS.bk handles all construction details for a structure. The structures can for example be bridges, quays, and retaining walls. Images, documents, and results from individual inspections can be attached to different structures so customers always have a complete overview of their structures, their status, and costs.

Safe Control AS will now streamline their business to focus on carrying out inspections and controls. Safe control also offers advice and guidance regarding required measures and they can give customers a professional assessment of the structure’s quality and safety. Safe Control will continue to use SINUS.bk for all their future assignments.

“Through Triona’s purchase of Safe Control documentation system AS, with its products for the documentation of structures such as bridges, piers, retaining walls etc. the business gets a good owner with broad and relevant competence. This secures the future development of the company’s products and will strengthen our vision of being a leading supplier in our service area.” said Odd Harald Kile, owner of Safe Control dokumentationssystem AS.

“For our current customers the takeover will only be positive. In the future the SINUS.bk bridge management system will have a much larger and more robust maintenance organization, while SAFE Control AS will be able to focus on its core business. Triona also plans to integrate SINUS.bk with, for example, the NVDB (National Road Database) in Norway”, said Rune Dragsnes, Manager Triona Norway.