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Smart traffic signs for Borealis pilot project

11 June 2018

Triona, together with Euroskilt, will deliver smart traffic signs for the Borealis pilot project at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The delivery is part of a research and development project which is being carried out on a 40 km long stretch of road along the E8 in Skibotndalen.

The E8 from Skibotn to Kilpisjärvi is one of five roads which have been chosen as pilots for developing and testing ITS (Intelligent transportation system) solutions in Norway. The road was chosen primarily because of its socio-economic importance. It is a road with challenging winter conditions and a large volume of heavy goods traffic. Twenty six percent of the traffic is heavy goods traffic which is more than a seventy percent increase since 2010.

Many solutions which are related in general to ITS and specifically C-ITS (cooperative intelligent transport systems) will be tested on this stretch of road. Triona will develop and install smart electronic signs on the road as a platform for so called ITS stations and sensors. The system makes it possible to:

  • Fetch data from sensors which are directly connected to the road signs.
  • Exchange information with external data sources and systems.
  • Display information to road users in the form of pictograms.

The signs will work autonomously (without manual control) but can also be controlled manually or via external systems. Triona’s solution will give road users real-time information about weather conditions, travel time, road closures, and other events.