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New customers for Triona’s TRA product

12 April 2018

Triona’s product Triona Roadwork Assistant (TRA) is being used by more and more actors who work with traffic controls and diversions at roadworks. Some of the most recent customers are: Mesta, BMO Elektro, Securitas, Nokas, Ramudden, Relacom, Veidekke, and BetonmastHæhre.

An increasing number of customers are discovering that it is much more effective to use the digital logbook instead of working with traditional pen and paper. With TRA users will get rid of all this paperwork. Registration of the set-up, control, and dismantling of equipment is done in a smartphone or tablet, with automatic recording of time and place.

Users can also take photos which are linked to the log. The photos are tagged with time stamps and road reference points and are continually updated to the server. The photo module complies with the requirements defined in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s operating contracts.

The logbook is updated in real time both out on the roads and in the office and data can be displayed on maps. TRA's desktop module is used to manage and send logbooks to road operators.