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TNE and a new web solution to Jernbaneverket

12 December 2016

Triona has together with Trimble Solutions won a contract to supply a system for handling of traffic-related route information to the Norwegian National Rail Administration. The system includes delivery of the products TNE, Nova Point and a new web solution.

The project named traffic related route information is a part of the larger program Operational traffic information (OTI). The OTI project started in January 2008 and is organizationally located in the Traffic and Market Division in the Norwegian National Rail Administration. The aim of the OTI project is to streamline work processes in two of Jernbaneverket's main processes: Distribute infrastructure capacity and traffic management.

The realization of the OTI project will include three subprojects:

  • Subproject 1: Track capacity distribution including track access requesting
  • Subproject 2: Distribution of information that enables safe driving of trains
  • Subproject 3: Traffic related route information

In this delivery subproject 3 is being implemented. Triona will develop a system that handles all traffic related route information needed to enable safe driving of trains. The system will be a central source of data for other systems and users.

The solution is utilizing Trionas product TNE, as the central data source, and Novapoint used for import and maintenance of the rail network and associated infrastructure data. The solution also includes a new map centric web application for presentation of relevant data.


Rune Dragsnes, managing director Triona AS, and Bjorn Kristiansen, traffic director Jernbaneverket, signed the agreement.

“Triona know the problems we work with and the business area. They have strong and broad expertise and offers standard components as a part of the solution. This reduces risk and uncertainty for the implementation, as many of the issues are well known by Triona“ says Jernbaneverket

Triona has a long-term strategy to strengthen our market position within infrastructure and logistics. The strategy has previously led to deliveries in areas such as maritime, road and rail. The agreement with Jernbaneverket strengthens Trionas position in these areas and reinforces our already strong partnership with Trimble Solutions.