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New System for Digital Traffic Sign Management

14 December 2017

Triona, together with Euroskilt have launched a new, flexible system for digital traffic sign management. The system supports both manual- and remote-control. The latter can be carried out by for example from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s road traffic management centers.

Triona, in cooperation with Euroskilt has developed an ITS station for controlling traffic signs manufactured by Yaham and Ortana. The ITS station, which is used for traffic sign management, is based upon knowledge acquired through research projects carried out during 2014-2016.

The solution is integrated towards the road traffic management center using the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard and the User Interface (UI) has been specified by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. This means that the road traffic management center can control all signs in a uniform way regardless of type or size. Additionally, the signs can be controlled manually via a panel which is built in to a compartment connected to the sign (see image below).


The system has been approved in Euroskilt’s Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and is planned for installation on two stretches of road in Kristiansand, with full integration towards the traffic sign management center. Below are some images from the FAT tests which show the compartment and panel, and a traffic sign which is controlled by the ITS station.