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New Customer – the Norwegian Railway Directorate

28 August 2017

Triona has signed a contract with the Norwegian Railway Directorate - Jernbanedirektoratet for delivery of consultancy services. The contract is a two-year framework agreement with the option to extend by 2 x 1 year.

The Norwegian Railway Directorate is a newly established organization, (Bane NOR and the Norwegian Railway Directorate were formerly the Norwegian National Rail Administration), with the task to assure effective operations in the railway sector, and to define and procure services within infrastructure, passenger transportation, and railways. For example, they will have an overview of the capacity for different railway lines, both current and future. To do this in an effective way there is a need for a “Train Tender Database” application so they can easily make changes to existing and planned railway services and get reports which illustrate the effects of different conceivable changes. Triona will help the Norwegian Railway Directorate to further develop this system.

The Norwegian Railway Directorate is a customer who fits well with Triona’s strategic plans and Triona has the necessary expertise. Triona’s experience from the “Trasé” project at Bane NOR has been very useful and there are possibilities for further synergies in the future. There have been discussions between Triona and the Norwegian Railway Directorate about other challenges which the Norwegian Railway Directorate face so they believe and hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.