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Siljan joins Lasset

16 May 2019

The Siljan group, with its Siljanssågen sawmill in Mora and Blybergssågen sawmill in Älvdalen, is to start using Lasset as a means to streamline its work with procurements and transport bookings.

The Siljan group are a forest industry group whose operations range from responsible forest management to processing timber into high quality products. Lasset will be used primarily by the group’s sawmill companies – Siljan Timber AB and Blyberg Timber AB. The sawmill companies produce ca 400,000 sawn products per year and transport large volumes of timber to destinations in Sweden, Europe, and Asia.

The discussions between the Siljan group and Triona about using Lasset have been ongoing for some time; a process which has helped the Siljan group see Lasset as a good choice for transport bookings.  Other processes, implementing system change etc. have shifted the focus from the organization but implementing Lasset is now the next logical step.

There is currently a joint implementation project between Siljan and Triona. Parallel with the finalization of the business system integration, work is being done on the set-up, provisioning of baseline data, and training so the first procurements can be made after the summer. The Siljan group will initially focus on using Lasset for road transport but discussions are ongoing about using the same solution for both container and railroad bookings in the future.

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