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Triona releases TNE Version 3.5

16 August 2019

TNE 3.5 was released in mid-August 2019. A major new feature is that TNE now has support for map publishing of TNE data according to the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) specification protocols for web mapping service (WMS) and web feature service (WFS).

TNE also has an inbuilt map motor for automatic generation of map layers according to the WMS and WFS specification protocols. The configuration of e.g. layer properties and display options can be done in a simple yet flexible user interface. Generic GIS functionality has also been improved by adding support for ArcGIS geo databases, OGC GeoPackage, and OpenTNF.

The catalogue editor now has a new and more efficient user interface. Another new feature is the option to define dynamic properties (tags) for different map objects. New functionality in the Generate Features module allows machine creation and updating of events based on existing data, e.g. table data and existing events.

Other new features in this version are an updated API and extra configuration options.

The new TNE Version will be used in projects at The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), ACCIONA, Nye Veier, and Biometria, among others.

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