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Triona reports emissions according to the GHG protocol Standard

27 September 2019

In order to increase our practical competence on emissions reporting and the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol Triona has produced an emissions report according to the GHG protocol standard. We will use our newfound insights, among other things, in our work with our products and solutions and through digitalization be able to help our customers in developing their sustainability work. As a bonus we will take control over our own emissions.

More and more companies are choosing to report their carbon footprints according to the internationally established GHG protocol reporting standard. Over 90% of companies on the American Fortune 500 list and three of four companies listed on the Stockholm stock exchange, and from this year even Triona are using the standard. The protocol is based on a number of principles: Relevance, Completeness, Consistency, Transparency, and Accuracy. This makes the protocol very suitable as the starting point for improvements, where we can work to reduce our carbon footprint within those areas identified as most important and in parallel increase the reliability of measurements and estimates where such needs exist.

The reason that Triona has chosen to report on emissions according to the GHG protocol is that we see that it is our responsibility to have control over the emissions we ourselves create, directly or indirectly. As an IT supplier we have an important role to help our customers reduce their emissions, where the solutions we supply are important tools. Work to produce our own emissions reporting has given us valuable knowledge which we will take with us in our work with products and solutions for our customers.