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New version of C-Load

25 November 2019

Lasset’s name was changed to C-Load on 1 October 2019. “C” as in Cloud, Community, Collaboration, and Communication and “Load” as in Load. – in other words the same service we started in 2012 but now with a new name which better depicts the service. In conjunction with the name change we deployed a two-part release with a number of improvements and new functionality – primarily a complete redesign of the load list and publishing rules, but also new functionality for several types of actor.

The name change has meant a complete review of all interfaces at the same time as the look and feel was updated and newer more defined icons were added for many features. In addition to the name change and the graphical updates the following new functionality was released.

  • Support for electronic agreements
    As the C-Load service is steadily growing and the number of suppliers increase (more than 50 new suppliers have joined C-Load during the last twelve months) we have implemented support for electronic signing of agreements.
  • Improved logic to increase performance
    The load list database queries and logic for publishing ordered loads was redesigned to ensure performance in C-Load’s central components.
  • Improvements relating to estimating agreement routes
    Estimates can now be made based on results from previous periods and support was added for Excel import and export.
  • Client specific weighting of quality points
    Client specific weighting of quality points in order to create visible incentives for suppliers was added to the Quality Points report.
  • Feedback from previous agreements when ranking
    To streamline the client’s ranking process, the top 3 ranked suppliers from previous agreements are shown in the ranking list.
  • Proactive dashboard for clients
    The clients dashboard displays the status and anomalies for loads and bookings to facilitate swift identification and management.

Check out the release notes in the C-Load service for more information about our releases.

These releases have enabled us to build a foundation for the continued expansion of the service.