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Triona Enters Partner agreement with Finnish PiiMega OY

13 November 2017

Triona has entered into a partnership agreement with the Finnish software house PiiMega OY. Initially, Triona will partner PiiMega in the Swedish and Norwegian markets to sell, support, and customize PiiMega® TimberPro, which is PiiMega’s ERP system for sawmills and wood processing. PiiMega will in turn be Triona’s partner in Finland for Triona’s cloud service “Lasset” in the timber industry.

PiiMegas ERP system for sawmill and wood processing -PiiMega® TimberPro - is a modern and modular system with functionality that fits both small and large sawmills. Functionally, it is probably the most advanced ERP system for sawmills and wood processing on the market today globally. For example, it has powerful function to forecast production yield and profitability as well as optimise production mix based on demand.  

We offer PiiMega® TimberPro as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), which means that you pay a fixed monthly fee that includes support and further development of the product. As a customer, this means that you will have full control of your cost for the system. 

PiiMega already has several sawmills customers in Finland and through our cooperation, PiiMega will introduce our cloud service for transport management “Lasset” to these customers. Together, we hope to win new customers in the sawmill and wood processing industry in the Nordic countries.

Antti Miettunen, business director of wood processing applications at PiiMega Oy comments: “This is a very important step for PiiMega Oy in establishing operations in Sweden. Feedback from Swedish industry has been extremely positive. This partnership also helps PiiMega to extend our offering in Finland to server our clients better. I am very happy to Triona’s performance and competence. This partnership helps customers to get the best benefits from the both companies. “

Triona has a long experience of sawmill and wood processing and today we have many customers using our ERP system KLAR. In cooperation with PiiMega we can now offer a new generation of ERP system. With our vast experience and know-how in forest industry and system development, we will also assist PiiMega with the future development of the system, specifically for needs origin from our Swedish customers.

“We see great potential in this partnership with PiiMega and together we will strengthen our offerings to the wooden industry in the Nordic countries. We believe that partnerships like this is the way forward so we can offer our customers even more advanced solutions in a competitive way. In PiiMega we have a partner that with its modern product portfolio complement Triona perfectly.”, says Mats Bayard CEO at Triona.