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Triona’s distance calculation Service – new release

27 November 2019

A new version of Triona’s distance calculation service was launched in the middle of November ( The focus in this release is to help our customers who transport to Europe with increased support for price calculations.

To increase options for our customers with European transportation we have added several new features to the distance calculation service, among other things reporting of how many toll roads (MAUT) are used for routes in Germany and Belgium.

To better support route calculations on all roads between the Nordics and Europe we have even reviewed the ferries which traffic the Baltic and North Seas so they can be more easily included as a part of a route.

Another use case which we now support is the calculation of the maximum capacity vehicle which can be used to carry out a transport. This helps those customers who don’t know in advance which vehicle will carry out a particular order. In the long run this will reduce hauliers’ environmental impact by making smarter vehicle choices when planning transportation

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